Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh guys!!

I am sorry ..That I have not posted in a while! I have been extremely busy with Senior Sem. and classes.. You would think that it is your senior year and things will start slowing down!!! BUT NOOOOOO...they are not and I don't even have that many credits and yet I am always sooo busy.

Well, lets see what has happened since I last talked to you guys. Well, Valentines Day just passed. That was a wonderful event I spent it was friends...we played some games and then went out to a party that the Sigmas Chi's were having. Ah.. Friday the 13th! I am not sure but that day always scares me...even more because we decided to go to Oshkosh to watch the movie..You see we were smart and bought the tickets an hour before the movie...but weren't smart to go early to find our the 7 of us could not sit together.. the cinema was packed! There was line outside..just waiting to buy tickets.. THANK GOD..we bought ours before they sold out. ..the drive back was a little scary because you are driving and all you see is corn fields..and that night it was snowing so we were driving slower and slower.. I think I would have had a heart attack if someone had jumped out in front of the car.

The worst part was that my room mate had gone home for the weekend soo I had to sleep alone in the room!! But luckily, after the movie ..we got back to Ripon so..I hung out with some friends and I was not scared that much..and I watched cartoons before bed!

One thing I have about sleeping is that I always make sure the blinds are closed and the door is locked! I have my cell phone with me and a water bottle because I get thirsty at I hate waking up in the middle of the night to go to the rest room because I have to jump out of the bed ..I have a loft..and unlock the door.. I have to walk to the rest room and the lights are off ..and after watching scary stuff you never know mind gets full of thoughts and ideas..which gets me all I quickly do my stuff wash my hands and run to the room again!

lol..yes .. i know i know I am strange... but it happens! My fingers are hurting! I think because I have been typing for a while...Or am I getting to that stage were everything hurts!?!?!

My uncle Tony..tells me that it is going to rain because his knee is hurting! LoL... I love it...even more when it does rain..I say he watches the weather channel and makes it up! He is always watching the weather channel even more when I am in college because he will call me to make sure the report was right if we did get snow or if it really was that I guess being strange runs in my family.

My mother is also strange! I think the only non-strange thing in our family would probably be my dog..and even then she is goofy. I have a mutt that i have had for 15 years now..then there is Daisy the yipping Chihuahua...Locita the mutt's baby...and Gorda (the mutt).

You see when I was a freshman here in Ripon. My mom called me one night and she was freaking out! She was "Erika Erika..Daisy ..she is dying!" and I was like what?... "Yes, she is dying she went to the rest room and when she finished ..I guess she pooped to hard and intestine came out!" And I was like what!!! "Erika! I am not joking..she looks soo sad...her eyes are sad!.." at this time the dog starts walking towards her and me on the phone..i hear my mom "No Daisy ! No daisy! don't come near me!! ..Erika Erika!! I can smell the blood!! I am going take her to the ER!" and I was wondering isn't the ER for humans.. but I did not want to contradict my mother so all I said was "Okay, wrap her in a towel then" little sister had entered the living room at the time and i hear my mom say "I will call you back..Yuri is in here"...10 minutes mom the background my little sister is dying of laughter! I ask my mom what was going and what happen to Daisy...she replies "Well, Yuri had fed Daisy some lunch meat and it still had the red string around it...and well Daisy had pooped out the red string and it was still attached to her!" LMAO!!! Wow.. I asked my mom "So, you smelled blood huh?" ...She laughed and then said.."Oh hush!"...

What can I say... I love my family.. and that is only one story ..And I have 22 years of stories with my family... I don't live a dull life when I am around my family!

Well, I have to run.. okay maybe walk away now!

bye bye

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